Air Conditioning Installation Experts Near You

Here at Jim’s Air Conditioning, we have air conditioning experts near you who are available 24/7. No matter the day or time, you can have a Jim’s technician at your home for air conditioning installation.

From split systems to evaporative cooling, Jim’s Air Conditioning does it all. Our local technicians can be with you any time, any day. We even have air con experts serving in your area on standby for service within the hour* for when you need us most.

Whether it’s a weekday, weekend or public holiday, it doesn’t matter to Jim’s Air Conditioning. We charge the same prices 24/7 so you’re never left sweating in the heat or shivering in the cold.

We Work With All Major Brands

Technicians from Jim’s Air Conditioning are the best in the industry and we provide them with ongoing training so they can maintain this status. This means they know all the newest heating and cooling technology and have hands on knowledge with all major brands:

Not sure what brand will suit your home? Our team of experts can recommend an air conditioner that will best suit your home’s needs.

Quality Air Conditioning Repairs and Solutions

Living in Australia, we experience blistering hot summers and bitterly cold winters. We’ve come to rely on our air conditioning to keep us comfortable for much of the year. So an air con breakdown needs to be fixed urgently.

That’s where Jim’s Air Conditioning steps in. Our team of heating and cooling experts can provide you with air conditioning repairs to get it back up and running again in no time.

No matter what kind of air conditioning repairs you’re after, Jim’s is a name you can know and trust to get the job done right the first time. Our technicians are expert fault finders and have the industry knowledge and experience to repair any air conditioner.

When you need urgent air conditioning repairs at the height of summer, we have our  technicians on standby for service within 1 hour*! Arriving with a fully stocked van, your air conditioner repairs can be done then and there.

Is Your Air Conditioning System Summer Ready?

No matter where you are in Australia, summers can get unbearably hot. So you need a working air conditioning system ready to go before the heat really kicks in. What does this mean exactly? Well it depends on what air conditioning system you have.

Split systems need their filters cleaned 2-4 times a year and ducted air conditioners should have duct cleaning carried out annually. This will help maintain your home’s high air quality by ensuring contaminants from outside aren’t brought in.

An air con service before the summer months roll around can also help to ensure it works all summer long. A qualified air conditioning specialist can identify faulty parts and ensure the system is running efficiently.

Getting your air conditioning system summer ready means allergy sufferers and asthmatics can breathe easy with your home’s high air quality. You won’t be forking out extra on your energy bills with an efficient air con system either!

Jim’s Air Conditioning can also get your air conditioning winter ready when the temperature begins to dip. This means making sure your heater is in perfect working order and there are no problems with gas leaks or carbon monoxide.

We know how difficult it can be to schedule in an air conditioner service while juggling around your work and life commitments. That’s why we’re available 24/7 and always at the same prices so you can call us out at a time that’s convenient for you.

Interest Free Heating and Cooling

Peak season for air conditioning problems coincides with the time of year when the demands on your finances are at their most extreme. So how do you pay air conditioning costs on top of Christmas and holidays?

The answer isn’t the credit card. It’s an interest free payment plan**. Jim’s can quickly and easily set you up with a plan to suit your needs and you can keep cool without breaking the bank.

These plans have a $0 deposit so you can have an air conditioning service near you for no upfront cost at all. This means you can get back to worrying about that big Christmas lunch you’ve been planning for weeks and spread the cost of your air con job out with weekly or fortnightly instalments.

So when you need an air conditioning service near me, give Jim’s Air Conditioning a call.