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Need a gas wall furnace installed, serviced or repaired?

You're in the right place. Jim's Air Conditioning is home to fully licensed heating specialists who are ready to answer your call. We provide tailor made solutions for maintenance and repairs of gas wall furnaces. Our team is always ready for a brand new installation, too. Whatever the job, Jim's Air Conditioning is ready to help.
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Need a gas wall furnace installed, serviced or repaired?

You're in the right place. Jim's Air Conditioning is home to fully licensed heating specialists who are ready to answer your call. We provide tailor made solutions for maintenance and repairs of gas wall furnaces. Our team is always ready for a brand new installation, too. Whatever the job, Jim's Air Conditioning is ready to help.

Call Jim's For Your Gas Wall Furnace Needs

From the coldest depths of winter through to an autumn service, Jim's Air Conditioning looking after wall furnaces across Australia. We're here to deliver high quality services so you can stay warm and content.

Our team of licensed technicians are available 24/7 and will never leave you in the cold. Oh no. Forget the frosty reception and give us a call! We can often have a tech at your door within 1 hour* of your call. And not just for emergencies.

Our gas wall furnace services cover general maintenance and servicing, through to emergency gas leak repairs. Crucial replacements and installations are all too easy as well. We can install a customer supplied wall furnace, or assist in finding the right one for you.

There's no need to stress about gas wall furnaces when Jim's Air Conditioning is in the area. No matter what time of day or night, we're here to help with no additional after hours charges. Our fast response times and years of experience will get your day back on track.

Say goodbye to the spluttering gas wall furnace and frigid cold mornings. Instead, say a massive hello to warm and toasty evenings with fully licensed natural gas wall furnace services! Contact us now to learn more or to book a job.

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An Overview of Gas Wall Furnaces

Wall furnaces could easily be classified as an underrated superstar in Australia. The gas-powered, wall-mounted heaters provide effective space heating. Sometimes you'll hear it referred to as a space heater, gas wall heater or gas wall furnace.

Utilising efficient natural gas, wall furnaces are a cost-effective option for keeping a home warm. They are traditionally a pound-for-pound more powerful option than similar electric space heaters.

Modern wall furnaces are either a tall, narrow unit mounted onto the wall, or a shorter unit like a typical gas fireplace. Every product is flued so exhaust gases can be safely expelled out of the home. This ensures the complete removal of carbon monoxide.

With low energy requirements, reduced carbon emissions and a range of features, your new best friend could be the wall furnace.

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Why Purchase a Gas Wall Heater?

Maybe you've always relied on small space heaters or a reverse cycle split system. Perhaps your house has a gas log fire that keeps one side warm, and you need a handy option for the bedroom or dining area.

Well, a gas wall heater could be the perfect option. There are few reasons to say no to this highly impactful heater. Some of the heartwarming benefits include:

  • Practicality: If you're unable to accommodate or install ducted heating, a gas wall heater is far less invasive. And although it will take up some wall space, it's perfectly sized for warming high traffic rooms like the lounge or dining area.
  • Economic value: Gas wall heaters often hold competitive energy star ratings. You can expect to see a star rating of at least 4, if not 5. Gas wall furnaces are an efficient heat source, producing fewer emissions while requiring less energy than full electric counterparts.
  • Reduced expenses: On average natural gas costs remain lower than electricity expenses. Therefore, you'll save money on your bills without skimping on staying warm.
  • Affordability: Upfront prices for gas wall heaters tend to be lower than ducted heating. So not only can you save over the lifetime of a system, you can save from day 1.

If that sounds like an option you want to explore, give the team at Jim's Air Conditioning a call. We have a great range of brands available including RinnaiBraemar and Bonaire.

If you are struggling with any decisions, take a look at our Brands tab. It's a simple way to compare well-known brands and uncover more facts about the exciting world of heating and cooling.

Keeping You Safe With Repairs and Maintenance

Gas heaters are a safe and reliable option for keeping your home warm. However, a derelict or poorly maintained heater could leave you at risk of a gas leak or carbon monoxide leak. Therefore, it's important to have yours serviced regularly. We recommend servicing at least once every two years.

Routine maintenance is the best way to stay in control and ensure nothing will unexpectedly go wrong. You can avoid any issues arising that may make your gas wall furnace unsafe to use. We're talking natural gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Thankfully your wall furnace is designed with safety in mind. You will rarely have to worry about a leak. But annual servicing often provides benefits well beyond just safety.

A well maintained heater is also a clean one and that equates to fresh air in your home. Trust us, a clean heater or air conditioner will make you feel better instantly as dry, dusty air is no longer being circulated through the home.

Come winter time that's especially helpful for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. That's an eco-friendly way to look after yourself, plus your friends and family.

Gas Wall Furnace Price

Repairs, maintenance, installation and replacement, we can do it all. And with no delay! That means you can keep cool... while enjoying the heat on a chilly winter day. Our local technicians are always ready to jump into action for a professional heating service.

Jim's Air Conditioning is thrilled to be here for your gas heaters. Bonaire, Rinnai or Braemar, we'll work with you for the best possible outcome. And our range of services means you can always expect the perfect outcome.

There's no need to wait, either. With our no deposit, interest free wall furnace payment options** you can feel the warmth of same day repairs. No one has to worry about how upfront expenses will impact things.

And like we said, there's no interest to pay later. That means no unexpected surprises with an upfront fixed price quote. You'll receive a completed job all while spreading out the overall cost. It's a win, win.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us today and speak to our customer service team. They can answer all of your questions and book in a technician.

Wall Furnace FAQs

Do you have any extra hot wall furnace questions? Keep on reading to learn more, or contact us.

All gas wall furnaces are flued for safe and effective removal of combustion products such as carbon monoxide. The flue works like a funnel system, ensuring no harmful chemicals enter your room or house. There are some subtle differences in flues. For example, a power flue utilises an electric fan to suck and expel combustion products from the gas burning process. There is also a balanced flue that is installed horizontally through a wall, rather than vertically like a chimney. This system has a twin pipe, and can also be referred to as twin flued, as it both expels fumes and introduces fresh air from outside.

There are many factors that contribute to the lifespan of a gas wall heater, including build quality, maintenance and usage. For example, a builders-grade heater generally has a shorter lifespan than that of a quality high-end system. Well maintained and regularly used heaters can also often last longer than poorly maintained gas heaters with little use. If your wall furnace is well maintained, with regular servicing and the proper treatment, you can expect it to last from about 15-20 years. Some parts will have to be replaced in this time, of course, but you can expect long lasting warmth.

Are you facing a tricky decision between wall heaters and space heaters? Is there even a real difference Yes. While wall heaters can be labelled as a space heater, their heating output is stronger than a portable space heater. The most important thing to think about is how many rooms you'd like to heat up. Gas wall heaters are great for one large or open room. They have the ability to heat up multiple spaces - depending on installation and the power output. Gas space heaters on the other hand are best suited to the one small room. They're smaller in size and also pump out a minimal amount of heat, only heating up a very small and direct area of your home. They are portable, though, so could complement a gas wall heater.
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